Complete and sophisticated Private Banking service with Investment Portfolios custom designed and always under our traditional concept of “Financial Boutique”, which includes highly specialized, independent and authentically personalized advice.

Investment Strategy

With the support of our prestigious and renowned STUDIES department, we structure and control our INVESTMENT STRATEGY, which is based on a global approach, because we study and analyze in depth all economic variables and global markets. This allows us to generate our Vision & Strategy, Asset Allocation and Portfolio Models, in a timely and correct manner.

Investment portfolio

The structuring and implementation of the optimal Investment Portfolio for each client, we carry out in a solid business alliance with the best Investment Banks with local and international scope such as BTG Pactual, which allows us access to a wide range of both traditional and alternative investment instruments and services.

Sovereign/Corporate Bonds
Local/International Mutual Funds
Financial Derivatives
Structured/Alternative Products
Local/International Fixed Income
Private/Public Investment Funds

Investment Banks

These are our main characteristics

Highly experienced professionals specialized in the management of investment portfolios, specially designed for each client.
Follow-up and permanent monitoring of each investment portfolio, including periodic reports and relevant and timely information.
Great diversity of financial products and the highest standards of custody, both local and international.
Access to our Business Club, where the FIP (private investment fund) stand out, ideal for balancing Assets and participating in different business areas (Real Estate, financial, etc.).
Service of excellence, concept of “Financial Boutique”.
Permanent advice, security and privacy.