Our Investment Bank advises on Corporate Finance operations and in areas of financial development, highlighting financial restructuring of medium-sized companies, valuation of companies, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) operations, search for strategic or financial partners, tenders or private processes of disposal of assets.

We focus mainly on advising medium-sized companies, so we interact with the most important agents in the financial market, allowing us to deliver solutions to companies combining our “Boutique” approach with a capacity for local and international execution.

These are our main characteristics

Team of highly experienced professionals specialized in Investment Banking.
Preparation of a complete Financial Prospectus for the Company.
Objectivity and depth in the Financial diagnosis of the Company and its conclusions.
Proposal for the execution of a Financial Development Plan, associated with the specific requirement of each customer.
Permanent monitoring of each stage of execution of the Financial Development Plan, including periodic and relevant reports for each
Focus on results and high capacity to execute transactions.
Confidentiality and absolute discretion.

Types of Operations

Debt Operations

Private/public placement of debt or equity.
Syndication of credits.
Readjustment of liabilities: rates, terms, convenants, guarantees.
Obtaining financing with banks.
Project financing structuring.

Equity Operations

Partner search.
Private equity
Fusions and acquisitions.

Other Operations

Structuring of hedging mechanisms (swaps, options, forwards, futures)