Our Asset Management area manages Private Investment Funds, in accordance with the Laws and regulations in force in the Financial Market. This Single Fund Law (LUF); and the Private Investment Funds (FIPs), which are born under the eaves of this law, are regulated by the Commission for the Financial Market (www.cmfchile.cl), ex-Superintendency of Securities and Insurance. Our subsidiary, LATINCAPITAL Asset Management S.A., exclusively develops this activity and is duly registered with this institution (Registration No. 459).

Real Assets - Real Estate

Our Real Estate area generates, develops and manages real estate projects for Investors who rather have exposure in the real assets sector through a highly qualified operation. We focus on developments of 1st residential projects, aimed at the middle class in the communes of Gran Santiago and Gran Concepción, which, due to their specific characteristics, allow generating added value for the investor.

These are our main characteristics

Team of highly experienced professionals specialized in Real Estate Management.
Capacity for strategic association with the most recognized operators in the sector.
Balance and diversify investment portfolios, incorporating all the attractiveness of real estate assets into the specific assets of each investor.
Participate in the real estate sector, associated with interesting returns, with a high degree of specialization without direct wear and tear on the operation.
Focus on results and high capacity for project execution.
Objectivity and depth in the diagnosis and study of each project, financial planning, marketing and sales plan, etc.

Our Projects

Lorenzo Arenas, Concepción

21 Mayo

Lorenzo Arenas, Concepción

Parque Laguna

Ñuñoa, Santiago


Pedro de Valdivia, Concepción

Terrazas 1248

La Florida, Santiago


Lorenzo Arenas, Concepción

Laguna Oriente

Chacabuco, Concepción